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Monday, January 30, 2006

Startin' the New Year (of the Dog) Right

~Blog Awards~

I dug this up over at Ferdy's place, who, accordin' to those in the know, nominated himself for all five catagories. Accordin' to Bloggin' Out Loud, "[w]hen questioned about the religious angle, [Ferdy] said his ancestors were worshipped in Egypt."

For all his many good points, Ferdy is still…well…a fe-lyin'—with all their accompanyin' handicaps, like, ummmm, bein' a fe-lyin'. If he had really been payin' attention, he would have learned that, while Egyptians might have worshipped cats like gods, canines were a god!

Check it out. And remember--a god is watchin'…

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