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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kibbles 'n Bits®

There's nothin' a canine can't do—even calculus.

"In 2003, mathematician Tim Pennings of Hope College in Holland, Mich., revealed to the world that his Welsh corgi, Elvis, appears to be solving a calculus problem when finding the optimal path to fetch a ball. In this case, optimal path means minimizing travel time. Now, several other researchers have weighed in on the question of what sort of calculations dogs may do to reach their goals."

Not to mention Ballistic Missile Defense. You guys are slow catchin' up. Every canine knows how to figure a trajectory from launch point to fe-lyin' intercept.

[Thanks Cosmo]

Even fish celebrate Mardi Gras.

"State and local wildlife experts are trying to figure out what led more than a thousand flounder, spot and pin fish to beach themselves at the Marine Corps' New River air base and then swim away. They believe it may be related to a popular phenomenon known in coastal Alabama as "jubilee."

Introducing the newest K-9 recruit in Ohio.

No, not the big one—the little one.

Cat gets blessed by Dalai Lama, promptly goes cattin'.

"[W]hen the 14th incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion visited [Edinburgh, Scotland] last year, the Nobel Peace Prize winner happily blessed a furry namesake. Dalai the cat's brush with Buddhism, however, seems to have had an undesirable effect on his wellbeing—for he has now been missing from his Liberton home for almost two weeks."

Well, it's pretty clear what ole' Dalai was blessed with.

Speakin' of fe-lyings…here's a choice I wouldn't wanna' make. Pirates or Pussy? Get your mind outta' the litter pan—it's not what you think.

Finally, on the off-chance that last link didn't ruin your appetite, today is National Pancake Day. Yum. Syrup.

[Yum. Bath. ~ AHM]

Worth it. Top mine off with liver and bacon bits.

Little known fact: it's been scientifically proven Kansas is flatter than a pancake.

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