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Monday, February 20, 2006

Opinions Please


Since I was just writin' about all the silly rules 'n regulations California inflicts daily on its citizens, I have a question.

Ya'll recognize these little critters, right? Sea otters. I've seen a few hangin' around, 'specially when I was up in Monterey. I didn't meet 'em up close and personal—they liked to stay out in the water playin'. The sea lions were the real pushy ones, hoggin' all the good sittin' room on the wharf, makin' a mess, and barkin' up a storm. Believe me, a pack of dogs has nothin' on those guys when it comes to barkin'. But I digress.

See, there's a pollutant bein' indiscriminantly released into California's coastal waters that's killin' the little suckers. It's been known about for at least four years (if not longer) but no one seems interested in controllin' it! Amazin' when ya' consider how many people have been tryin' to save the otters forever!

My feelin' is this is somethin' that's gotta' be taken care of immediately! Taxes levied on the polluters, clean up required, and heavy fines for non compliance.

They've super-taxed, regulated, and banned most everythin' else in California. Why are they ignorin' this?

I'd really like your opinion on what you think should be done. Really. Honest.

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