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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pullin' Whiskers

Ya' know last Sunday was the 100th Carnival of the Cats. One-zero-zero. That's nearly two years…two friggin' years of fe-lyings! It's like seein' those Russian ice skaters standin' in the gold medal spot Olympics after Olympics after Olympics…

It's time they had a good wiskerin'.

KT Cat fresh from The Scratching Post shares an amusing consequence to a thieving feline's antics in Rain of Terror.

Fe-lyin' breakin' 'n enterin'. That's news?

Don't Mess With Taxes has a (non-vulgar) post on Dog Balls (and why she really is a cat lover).

Yeah, well, so there's dog balls lyin' around. Don't Mess has cat poop in the house. A whole pan of it. All the time. And canines might bark at the mailman in the daytime but there's nothin' like those yowlin' fe-lyin' street corner rumbles over Miss LoosePuss who's screechin' for love in all the wrong places—at midnight!

Matata is no fool. She's found a place to stay warm at Blog d'Ellison and says, "Heat me." She's also fond of checking her eyelids for pinholes.

Cat hoggin' heat. Cat hoggin' chair.

Pasha presents a beautiful pose at Just Between Strangers in her weekly kitten blogging photo shoot. But then there's this.

Kitty porn (scroll down), quickly followed by…

Bonnie Underfoot loves her boy! (You can't blame a cat for snuggling underwear.)

…kitty with underwear fetish. Apparently shared by lots of others if ya' read the comments. Ewwwwww…

Harley of Curiouser and Curiouser believes in the power of duplication (or at least the warmth that the power provides).

Cat provin' this story was no fluke. There's a reason for that warmth, ya' know.

The Secret Life of Shoes tells us How to Pill a Cat (don't try this at home).

Been there, done that. I'm still here. The cat ain't.

Continued in Read the Rest!

Nicky at Melange is one lazy cat! But he never begs. And Mr Rhett is one American Idle as well.

A dose of honesty for a change.

Pookie Cat at Baboon Pirates doesn't get a lot of blogging in due to her many moments of kitty zen. "I've GOT To Quit Babytalking To These Cats..."

D'uh. What was your first clue? Perhaps: "But tweet widdle puddy tat's so cyoote and adowuble!"

Cleo is feeling a draft at This Girl Remembers. Or maybe it's playing lump-under-the-covers.

Or why fe-lyings will never be secret agents.

Mister Gato at enrevanche has been doing some mountaineering lately. And has taken on a new role as administrator of the Gato Institute.

Doubt this one will ever make it up Everest, but one day he might cause an avalanche after which he will indeed be institutionalized.

Jinx & Ping took top honors in synchronized sleeping at Manx Mnews Catapalooza.

Boy oh boy—as if endless links of sleepin' fe-lyings isn't bad enough, now they've added two cats sleepin' at once! Heart be still.

Alex does laps at Texas Oasis. And it's not about lap dancing either. More like lap lounging.

"Cat-loving vegetarian Democrat secular humanist childfree boomer…" pretty much says it all.

How to Wash the Cat (Note: this was snuck into the carnival by a dog from i-pets!)

First decent post in the whole shebang.

Average Life has two great pics of two separate cats at two different times and complains, 'There's a hairball in my sink!'

Add water, scrub thoroughly, drain…

Allan Thinks that Tonks is aloof, unconcerned, insouciant.

Allen Thinks he's erudite and thanks God for Roget.

7610 caught Blur with a bottle of wine. Cheers!


Catymology shares a catted tale in which the definition of catted is expained.

Well, this is sorta' an excuse for humans—demon possession.

The Peach Pit has kitty in the bag and so deserves this highlighted pic.

If this was a white straight jacket it would be picture perfect.

The kitty at Scribblings wonders if food for thought tastes good. Bleh. No.

No surprise--a thinkin' fe-lyin' is an oxymoron.

CB Blog finally moved 'my bed to my favorite sleeping spot' under the computer desk.

Cat in general vicinity of computer. Wow.

Catnabbit is talking up the strange Puppykat, a new cat breed that barks like a dog. No kidding. Meoruff!

I always knew fe-lyings were down in the gutter, but now they're movin' into the BDSM community. (Note "Ethnicity: Other")

When Leslie's Omnibus cat blogs, we're talking major cats!

When these cats take up bloggin' I quit.

CoCoPuff travels a well-worn trail over at composite drawlings.

Cat in heat, well-worn trail, the eternal (tawdry) story.

The Common Room has a Caption Contest. I like: 'Step away from the catnip!'

More like "Resistance is futile—you will be assimilated."

Far Cartouche catches Sabaki and Tinker waiting for the ump-twiddly-teenth Friday Ark. But Tinker actually sleeps sometimes. See it to believe it at Middle-Fork.

Cats doin' nothin'. Who knew.

CathColl has a nice problem; they are a three-cat house now. Adoption is wonderful.

Decisions, decisions… Three Cat House or Three Dog Bakery; Three Cat House or Three Dog Bakery; Three Cat House or… Oh, hell. You figure it out.

'Come closer puppy.' Killer Carlos on the rampage at Maggies.

Actually the prequal to "Wall of the Livin' Cat."

Coyote Mercury is thinking perhaps something in marble on the National Mall.

Should look good covered in pigeon poop.

Dang Dog - great artwork by bigcatheads

Original title is more appropriate. Damn Dog. Oh yeah!

Gigolokitty concludes the story of Snowy White and the Seven Stalkers.

At least he ditched the sequined cape, but the headpiece is just dah-viiiine, dah-lin'. Kiss, kiss… Bleeeeaaaggh

Sasha will tilt for interesting sites at Music and Cats, which also has some beautiful old valentine cat cards to share.

They were more honest in the old days.

Daily Dose has the 1 month weigh-in ~ Ralph is down to 17 lbs. Good news. 4 to go.

Down to 17 lbs? What's his full name—Ralph Kramden?

Sisu's Babe is off the deep end; and also has a bad turban day.

Not deep enough, 'though they could be in the deep stuff with those Mohammad references.

Feline diabetes...not a happy thought. But Mycah at TacJammer is simply a sweet cat.

Good luck, Mycah, and stay well.

Sebastian at furry paws has a favorite mouse. Who doesn't?

I don't. I prefer to chew up lions—fe-lyings that is.

LadyGunn says Syd believes that sink = comfy bed.

Cat + hair + sink = plumber + $$. Does anyone out there know there's a whole website devoted to cat-in-sink photos?

Farmgirl Fare thought her plants would be safe indoors?!

When is a fe-lyin' is present nothing is safe anywhere at any time, up, down or sideways. Learn it, live it, love it.

Mind of Mog discovers how Meowza gets dirty. And how orangeboy thinks about himself (answer: handsome devil).

Piker. Try rollin' in the kitty pan next time. And…he wishes.

Sleeping Mommy catches the Boys, Willie and Mickey, overseeing the domain. When they sit around the house . . .

Ooooooo… Fe-lyings sheddin' hair all 'round the house.

Eli at Val's Bien was brave enough on Snow Day (but didn't like it).

'Course they totally ignored the dog who did.

Boo & Spike at Watermark suggest you stay indoors and visit catblogs.

Excellent suggestion. Fe-lyings should never be let out into polite society. In rude society, either, for that matter.

Slowly She Turned has a real post titled 'I love Lucy' (not just cute pics!)

This really is a nice story for cat lovers.

Piper of View from the Tower asks, Ain't I prettier than the computer? Answer: Yes.

Ask not for whom the computer crashes (from being clogged with fe-lyin' hair), it crashes 'cause of thee.

Striving for Average has some lazy days for us. Oh, that all days were that lazy.

Lazy fe-lyings. Surprised? Didn't think so.

Elms in the Yard shares some cat adventures both at home and away.

Suck-up cat, snotty cat, silly cat.

It's been cold in paradise! Seabrook has cat pics to prove it.

Demo-cats out in the cold. SOP.

Tigger and Blackjack like grapes. Yes, grapes - in the wee hours before lunchtime - at Life, Florida, Whatever. "After all how can you be mad at this face?"

If it's 4:00 am with cat spit and grape mush all over the kitchen floor I can be very, very, very very mad.

Great shot from pages turned with Ellie in the box. Now to get her out!

Leave her in and ship her to France.

EGO must check if there is sugar in the cat food.

Sleepin' fe-lyin'. Now where have I seen that before? Oh yeah… Everywhere!

A Shareware Life has a simply catblogging pic. Classic.

Cat is a cat is a cat is a cat. And still a fe-lyin'.

And finally, the guy who started it all, TBIFOC has a couple of cat cam shots comparing the orange boys. Who wins? You decide.

It's like tryin' to compare Bill Clinton and Michael Moore. Crap shoot.

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