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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pass the Ritalin

Eveone gets weird comments, but it's plain this guy's never actually read this blog.

"With all your macho pro-war overtones in this blog, you keep forgetting to mention which branch of the military YOU served in. Come on, don't be so modest. The Chairborne Division, right? The 101st Flying Chickenhawks? I know, the Keyboard Warriors. Come on, don't keep your readers guessing."

First, my Daddy's name was Macho Man, so I come by it naturally.

Still, I've always tried to be modest about my accomplishments—ya' know I’m not the type to brag. And since I wasn't alive durin' Vietnam I don't have any medals to toss around, so the ole' "grand, meaningless gesture" is out. Besides, I've always operated on the edges of things in, shall be say, more of a support capacity.

I've been "stationed" in various areas—Vandenberg AFB in CA, Fort Lee, VA—even did a bit of undercover work with a (retired) CIA black ops officer. Through it all I've tried to keep a low profile which, considerin' my size, isn't tough to do. But Two Dogs finally outted me…

Ever hear of the K-9 Corps, sucker?

Now go get a life—preferably somewhere in Iran.

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