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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best So Far Awards

Votin' is enabled so go do it.

Now I read through the blogs of my distinguished opponents at the Pet Blogs nominations and discovered…they're all fe-lyings! (Well, except for a Demo-cat, a llama, a poet, and a dog blog that reviews dog stuff.)

So I'm callin' on all the canines of the web—Cal, Pluto, the Yorkies, Bogart, yes, even the Big Dogs. Take a stand and vote for me. 'Course I'm not askin' for myself. I've done a lot of winnin'. I'm used to winnin' where it counts—in the show ring. But the honor of canines is at stake here! We cannot allow fe-lyings free rein any longer. It's time to come out of the kennel. It's time to demand diversity. It's time to take on the blogosphere. It's time to think of future generations...

Do it!--for the puppies…

Rules on How to Vote
You have 3 votes to cast per category.
You may cast your votes in the following ways:
All 3 votes for one favorite nominee in that category;
2 votes for a favorite and 1 vote for a second favorite;
1 vote for three different favorite nominees.
(Note: You do not have to stick with one method for all categories.)
Send an email to BestSoFar@RightThinking.net with your votes.

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