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Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 1836

UPDATE: Dan Rather's alma mater in Houston, Texas tried flyin' the Mexican flag.

"[John H.] Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello was ordered to remove a Mexican flag Wednesday morning that he had hoisted below the U.S. and Texas flags that typically fly in front of his school — a symbol he agreed to fly to show support for his predominantly Hispanic student body."

From a letter written by Sam Houston:

Remember the AlamoSir:

On my arrival here [Gonzales] this afternoon [March 11, 1836], the following intelligence was received through a Mexican, supposed to be friendly, though his account has been contradicted in some parts by another, who arrived with him. It is therefore only given to you a rumor, though I fear a melancholy portion of it will be found true.

Anselmo Borgara states that he left the Alamo on Sunday, the 6th inst.;…that the Alamo was attacked on Sunday morning at the dawn of day, by about two thousand three hundred men, and carried a short time before sunrise, with a loss of five hundred and twenty-one Mexicans killed, and as many wounded. Colonel Travis had only one hundred and fifty effective men out of his entire force of one hundred and eighty-seven. After the fort was carried, seven men surrendered, and called for Santa Anna and quarter. They were murdered by his order…

The bodies of the Americans were laid together and set on fire… I have little doubt but the Alamo has fallen…

I am sir, &c., SAM HOUSTON

April 21, 1836: With shouts of "Remember the Alamo!," Sam Houston led his army into the Battle of San Jacinto, defeating Santa Anna and avenging the dead of the Alamo in less than 30 minutes.

We did it once. We can do it again.

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