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Saturday, April 08, 2006


That pretty much sums things up 'round here, includin' some missin' pieces. Last time we tried doin' a puzzle, some piece fell off the table and the pups thought they were kibble. Since they like playin' with their food, we had those suckers tossed all over. AHM was not a happy camper, 'specially when one landed in the water bowl and got all warped. (She wasn't thrilled with the one that landed in the cactus plant, either.)

Anyway, while we try to straighten out our immediate future, I may or may not be bloggin'. So here's somethin' really cool I dug up over at Dave Barry's Blog. It'll keep ya'll occupied in case I'm away for a while. Just upload your own picture and make your own personalized jigsaw puzzle!

Have fun!

PS. Thanks, Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady. Sorry I spelled your name wrong.

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