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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Speakin' of Cynthia McKinney… Wouldn't ya' love to see Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid do to her what the New York State Senate Minority Leader did to this dumb broad?

"Due to her previous conduct, [New York State Senate Minority Leader David Paterson (D-Manhattan)] yesterday stripped [State Sen. Ada Smith a Queens Democrat] of her $9,500 annual stipend for work on the Senate Corporations Committee, took away a state-provided car and restricted her access to the Senate's central staff.

"Paterson, in a statement, said Smith had been involved in several incidents that "demean her office, our [Democratic] conference and, indeed, each member of the Senate and the institution itself."

"The senator has abused members of the staff with profanities on and off the Senate floor, made derogatory and salacious remarks about members of the staff and her colleagues, and acted beyond the scope of her authority in her dealings with members of the central staff," Paterson continued.

Let's see, so far Ana Smith's pled guilty to running a State Police security checkpoint, bitten a cop, assaulted one aide with a butcher knife and another with hot coffee, and just got tossed off a United flight for pickin' a fight with an attendant.

And New Yorkers keep re-electin' her why?

Many Obese Don't See the Problem.

Geeze. How can they miss?

"…[J]ust 15 percent of obese people correctly considered themselves to be obese, compared with the 71 percent of normal-weight individuals and 73 percent of overweight people who classified themselves correctly. The obese people were also more likely to overestimate how much they would need to weigh in order to be considered obese.

"The researchers said their findings have important implications, because obese adults who don't consider themselves obese are unlikely to heed public health messages about the dangers of obesity…"

Which means they'll probably end up here, costin' us average taxpayers more money.

"Last year, patient care director [of Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis] Colleen Becker decided to check the numbers. She looked at a daily hospital census — about one-third of the 900 patients weighed 350 pounds or more. Startled, Becker checked another date, then another. The numbers were consistent. On some days, half the patients were obese. Some weighed 500 pounds or more."

Ya' know, I was over readin' a really funny story by Law Dog (scroll down a bit) 'bout how his Sherrif Department handled a local hauntin'. Think General Patton meets The Ghostbusters. They were so successful, maybe they should set up a travelin' road show. There might be some people living in these places that will be needin' their services.

"In real estate, not even spooky trumps location. Across the nation, former state hospitals for the mentally ill—with dated names like "lunatic asylum"—are being converted into homes.

"Even the ominous Danvers [MA] State Hospital, once described as "the scariest building in the world" and a favorite destination of ghost-hunting thrill-seekers, soon will be home to laptop-toting latte drinkers…

"Rents at the 500-unit Octagon on Manhattan's Roosevelt Island, are 10% higher than expected, developer Bruce Becker said. Studio apartments start at $1,700. Built in 1841,…[t]railblazing journalist Nellie Bly spent time undercover at the asylum and wrote in 1887 that it was a "human rat trap."

"The mentally ill in the past were thought to benefit from bucolic settings."

Still do. Just look at the Kennedy compound at Hyannis.

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