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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kibbles 'n Bits®

Pretty much business as usual these past few weeks…dog saves a life, cat creates a catastrophe, and liberals wear their psychological maladies on their sleeve.

Fe-lyin' Wastes Taxpayer Dollars

"After 14 days trapped in the innards of a Greenwich Village building, Molly [the 11-month-old black cat] finally emerged wearing a look on her face that said, "What's all the fuss about?"

More intelligent humans woulda' left her there, but this is New York we're talkin' about.

"Molly was finally retrieved by Kevin Clifford, a tunnel worker at a project nearby who had been volunteering for the rescue effort. "I gave what they needed, and lent a hand to it," he said.

"The animal didn't come easily at first, said [Mike Pastore, field director for Animal Care & Control of New York City]. "It was twisting and turning, paws were flying everywhere," he said. "It took a little struggle to put her back in a cage."

And since we're talkin' about New Yorkers and their apparent lack of a common sense gene, now they've taken their liberal idol worship to extremes.

"This season's creepiest fashion accessory is a live, bejeweled cockroach worn as jewelry - and what better place for roach couture than New York?

Article comes compete with disgustin' pic. This dog wants a really big shoe.

On a more edifyin' note, canines are still dedicated to savin' their humans.

"I thought it was just a friendly sniff," [Steve] Werner said. "But after four or five days, I realized she seemed to be focusing on something. At some point, I noticed she was always sniffing at the opening of my right ear. She would set herself up and intently smell my ear."…

"An MRI…revealed a brain tumor the size of a pingpong ball that had spread into the inner canal of Werner's right ear - the very ear Wrigley had been sniffing persistently. Werner…had a rare nonmalignant tumor called acoustic schwannoma. If not caught in time, it could have caused a stroke or permanent facial paralysis."

And CA humans are still dedicated to makin' silly asses outta' themselves.

Hmmmm… Think I need a few dozen of these to blur the memory of those pics.

"A Tasmanian company has obtained the first state or territory licence to use hemp in a pet food product… Business owner Ian Rochfort says he has been fighting bureaucracy for years for the right to harvest hemp, which will be used in the company's dog biscuits."

Now I know what I want in my Easter basket.

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