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Friday, January 02, 2009

doG Save the Queen

To remind everyone out there—where would ya' be without a dog

…specifically a terrier!

Daily Record agony aunt Joan Burnie discovered the drawings - and an accompanying letter - when she was walking her Jack Russell terrier Polly. Joan said: "Polly saw them underneath a bush on the path and came out with the plans in her mouth. "I took them from her to see what they were and that's when I saw the letter. I was shocked to see the plans were for Holyrood house [the Queen's official residence in Scotland]."

Power ducts, cables and a transformer are marked on the drawings, along with sizes of the gardens and locations for boiler rooms, gas meters, store cupboards, kitchens, toilets and wash areas. Three public entrances are highlighted and the dimensions of the stable yards and seated terrace areas are given.

A spokeswoman for the palace said last night: "We acknowledge this has been a security breach which we are taking very seriously and are currently investigating." Plans involving Holyroodhouse are normally closely guarded.

We're pretty good handlin' fire

A South Hadley family is safe after a fire damages some of their home, and it's all thanks to some unexpected help. The Spring Meadow Road family is fortunate to be safe thanks to help from a neighbor's dogs.

and illness too.

911 dispatchers have heard it all, but this one is the most unusual. When the operator answered a call, she heard a dog barking on the other end.

For Joe Stalnaker, his dog buddy is more than a best friend, he's a guardian angel. Buddy saved Joe's life by grabbing the phone and calling 911 when Joe was having a seizure -- and he also barked and whimpered for the operator, who sent paramedics after tracing the call.

Remember those stories when your petty local officials start draftin' any sort of anti-dog regulations in your town.

In case anyone was wonderin' 'bout that video of the hero dog pullin' its pal from traffic in Chile, the injuried dog was killed and, as far as we can discover, the companion has not been found.

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