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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The New Look of Germany

This explains a lot of their problems over there. Get a load of this gay blade! This guy should be drafted into the war on terror. Can you imagine an Islamic terrorists seeing something like that coming at him?

"Dogwear designer Hildegard Bergbauer, who also makes Tyrolean mountain hats and rainwear for canines, said the leather outfits were best suited for dachshunds and other small dogs but also looked good on poodles, spaniels and boxers.

Come to think of it, there was that cute little French poodle I met who would just die to have that hat. [Enough with that poodle, buster!--AHM]

“There are lederhosen for the dogs and Dirndls for the bitches,” she said Wednesday. “The idea has gone down really well. People think it’s a lot of fun.”

Did anyone ask the dogs!?

Dug up at Dave Barry's Blog

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