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Friday, June 18, 2004

Pigs Aren't More Equal

At least not in Nebraska. I've driven through Nebraska once (according to AHM), but I'll be damned if I remember a thing about it. Not this, anyway.

AHM has a friend who sells houses. (The lady also lives with a cocker spaniel who can no longer cock his leg in a manly fashion. Whenever Pluto shows up, Hemingway spends a lot of time going from leg to leg, humping like mad just to show off. Pluto falls asleep.)

Anyway, AHM's friend repeats old sayings a lot--like "Location, location, location," and that sort of stuff whenever they talk. She must know her business, though, even if she isn't very original.

"Eleven landowners who said strong odors from nearby hog operations were all but intolerable are entitled to monetary damages, the Nebraska Court of Appeals said Tuesday. The landowners were among 18 who sued four hog farms in Nance and Boone counties on allegations the operations constituted a nuisance. In a 2002 order, a Boone County district judge said the farms were indeed a nuisance but that the plaintiffs failed to show they should get damages.


"Omaha attorney David Domina, who represented Progressive Swine Technologies owner Jim Pillen and his partners in the case, could not be reached to comment Tuesday."

This is why everyone needs canine assistance. A fe-lying would never alert you to such a problem.

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