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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bird Terrorism

Running rampant.

"A BIRD dropping may have short-circuited a unit at the largest nuclear power complex in the US, causing the plant to shut down last month, investigators said.

"There were eyewitnesses," said Kwin Peterson, a spokesman for the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, which is looking into the incident at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station that caused outages all the way to Canada. "There was a bird on a 230 kilovolt power line west of Phoenix, and as the bird took off, it let loose as birds often do."

"Investigators thought excrement contaminated an insulator and electricity flashed to the tower, creating a short."

This on the heels of the revelation that an avian suicide arsonist started a CA wildfire.

Why do they hate us?

More Bird Terrorism:
At least this is an original solution to the problem...

Council considers contraception for menacing seabirds

"Aberdeen city council says it might try to put seagulls on the pill in a bid to curb the menace caused by the birds. A report is being drawn up looking at various options including contraception after a two-year trial on pigeons apparently worked in Venice…

"Models imitating peregrine falcons have been tried in Moray and Banff and Buchan. The fake falcon involved a realistic model that flapped its wings and made hawkish sounds. It worked for a while in Fraserburgh but the gulls quickly discovered it wasn't a threat."

Haven't heard whether Planned Parenthood is offering free abortions.

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Blogger Glenn said...

why do they hate us?

because we eat so much kfc and other damn fowl every day in this country! yum!!

11:59 PM  

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