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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Boston Demo-cats

Stingy, Stinky, and just plain Trashy

It was only common sense: Take the public trash cans off Boston streets and remove potential hiding places for bombs during the Democratic National Convention. But what security planners and city officials didn't count on was that people would still throw garbage into the black metal frames that held the cans.
Pretty it wasn't on Beacon Hill [home to John Kerry] yesterday. Under blooming window boxes and faux gaslights on the hill's quaint, tony main streets, Starbucks Coffee cups and cigarette butts toppled out of the trash can frames onto narrow brick sidewalks. Over the weekend, city workers began removing public trash cans on much of Charles and Cambridge streets. By yesterday afternoon, complaints flooded the local neighborhood association, and many business owners fumed as they watched the trash pile up outside their stores.

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