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Friday, July 23, 2004

Oh, Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggie!

I have been dying to write that ever since I overheard AHM talking with a friend last evening.

'Course I haven't got a clue what it means except it's probably something dirty. I mean, I know what my twanger is. And I know nothin' twangs unless it's stiff which I have no problem with, naturally. And I figure it's got somethin' to do with the French, though the French aren't known for being stiff so how can they twang? I guess they must sometime since there are Frenchies in France even though the Muslims are all over the country like fleas on a cat.

But I'm sure TV's involved, so maybe AHM was talkin' about what Mr. Minority wrote.

"This morning I was watching Fox Sports, and they were showing the Lance Armstrong's latest stage victory at the Tour de Pigs. As Lance was approaching the Finish line, you could see some of that country's unwashed, SPITTING ON HIM!!"

Mr. Minority is a great guy, but he does have a fe-lying as a fact checker, so I did a bit of pawing around myself and it's true. Even the Tour director was upset enough to comment.

L’ALPE D’HUEZ, France - Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblanc admitted he had seen fans spit at five-times champion Lance Armstrong during the 15.5-km time trial to L’Alpe d’Huez on Wednesday.
“Until this morning, everybody thought this time trial was a good idea and now we realised it was not so. There were lots of aggressive fans surrounding the riders and I even saw two idiots spit at Lance Armstrong.”

Spit. Twanging. Froggies. Sounds like their speed.

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Blogger ereyck said...

I bet Harrison would have fun with Buster Brown who lived in a shoe and was the sponsor of "Plunk your magic twanger froggie." Dogs like slippers. Does Harrison do shoes?

Interesting trivia. Why were the French dubbed "frogs"?

12:22 PM  

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