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Sunday, July 18, 2004

In the Deep Waters of the Surf…

Is Sonya Fitzpatrick a real person?

Supposedly this Sonya broad can teach humans how to talk to the animals--if you buy her book, of course. (Oh, Tinkerbell… Where aaarrrre you…?)

From "Seven Secrets of Pet Communication" at the site:

"Ask if there is anything your pet would like you to do for him. Imagine your animal is sending an answer back to you and accept whatever you receive in your imagination."

If I want something, you won't have to use your imagination to read my mind. I am quite capable of getting it myself.

[He is too. I had to put baby-proof latches on the lower cabinets to keep him out. He was distributing free Liver Snaps® to all--AHM]

Moving on…

Is this a real place?

"Over 2,500 dogs are already enjoying a better life at Dog Island. Separated from the anxieties of urban life, dogs on Dog Island are healthy dogs who live a natural, healthy and happy life, free from the stress and hardship associated with daily live [sic] among humans.

"They live with almost limitless space, and tens of thousands of rabbits, rodents, fish and other natural prey. Surrounded by thousands of other dogs, this is the only place for them to be truly social and create healthy families."

Ya' know, some people think I'm weird for writing a blog. Well, let me tell you, there's nothin' I've found out there more weird than these people. Check out their FAQ.

Someone's livin' the high life on donations and it ain't the canines.

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