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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Politics Goes to the Dogs

Well, here's a interesting candidate.

"Ridgefield, WA. As this Columbia River town searches for a new city manager, one candidate appears to have two legs up over the others. Signs have popped up all over the city in support of Otis, an 11-year-old Boston terrier.

"Donna Quall was one of the first to put an "OTIS FOR CITY MANAGER" sign up in the window of her gift shop earlier this month. "A doggone improvement," the sign declares.

"No one's saying who made the fliers, complete with a profile shot of Otis and a disclaimer that the signs were paid for by the "he will do better than the last guy committee."

"Ridgefield's former city manager, Randy Bombardier, was placed on administrative leave in March, then fired after being accused of removing lead-based paint from City Hall without public safety or environmental precautions."

Hmmm. I notice Otis doesn't list his political affiliation. And he is from Boston. I'll bet he's in the pocket of radical environmentalists too. Does he agree with that idiotic King County, WA proposal of the 65-10 Rule?

"Residents of King County, Wash., will only be able to build on 10 percent of their land, according to a new law being considered by the county government, which, if enacted, will be the most restrictive land use law in the nation."

Now I’m all in favor of open space for us to run and play, but I don't think they're taking into account the toxic bug problem (remember fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, people?--heartworm? West Nile Virus?) not to mention the possible influx of nefarious foreigners slipping over the WA/Canada border.

Better keep an eye on this Otis character. Check out his handlers. Is he truly an Alpha or just a frontdog for special interests? We'll probably discover he's just another tax-and-spend Demo-cat in disguise.

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