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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Gut Growls

This almost makes me ashamed of being an Australian-Terrier-Canine-American. Damn! Am I glad my foresires emigrated to the U.S.

"The ABC has come under fire for wasting taxpayers' money on a new website which encourages children to "make better farts."

"The Federal Government is outraged that the national broadcaster axed the popular children's show Behind The News because of a lack of funding, but managed to find money to teach kids how to break wind more effectively.

"Respected scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has written a column for the site called Begone With The Wind, telling children that "the average fart is a wondrous event". Children are also encouraged to take part in a "Great Fart Survey", a "Great Baked Beans Fart Experiment" and to submit poetry about bodily functions."

And ya' know what really pisses me off? They always blame the dog!

Dug up at World Net Daily.

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