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Saturday, June 26, 2004

What the F***?

Everyone is catfighting over Vice President Cheney telling Patrick Leahy "F*ck Yourself" and I sure as hell can't figure out why. I hear language like that every night when the Troll Cats try to infiltrate my territory. (Worse, really, except those dumb fe-lyings haven't figured out SOB isn't an insult to me.) Did Cheney use the eye-scratch attack? Did he go for the rip-an-ear maneuver? Was there blood on the Senate floor like there was when the Demo-cats got pissed off?

From what I dug up in Hugh Hewitt's background post, Leahy and the Troll Cats are not too different--smarmy suckups.

"Regardless of how you view the Vice President's choice of words, the confrontation is a very interesting one.

"Dick Cheney was slandered by Leahy himself this week with the outrageous allegation that Cheney was profiting from Iraq reconstruction contracts.

"Like a man of honor, Cheney called Leahy on it in a face-to-face confrontation. (Dueling is prohibited, so this is about as confrontational as one can get within the bounds of the law.)
How did Leahy react? Not with honor. He neither defended nor apologized for his scurrilous slander. Instead he whimper about attacks on him from third parties, a sort of reaction one would expect from the Uriah Heap [sic] of the United States Senate. If Leahy had an ounce of integrity, he'd have either answered Cheney with vehemence on the alleged wrong-doing by Cheney, or have offered an apology for getting carried away. He did neither.

"Cheney's dismissal of Leahy was rough, but in the language the sort of person like Leahy understands."

Hewitt has a great suggestion, too, plus a transcript of Dick Cheney's interview with Neil Cavuto.

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