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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Human Social Disorder

Sounds like somethin' that should be treated with a shot of penicillin, doesn't it? But everyone seems to be talkin' about it these days, and shutting down their blog "comments" because the debate has come as close to virtual reality blows as it can without entering real reality. Just some samples:

Michelle at A Small Victory (and The Command Post).

"The more I think about it, the more I realize that the problems bloggers are having with commenters is just a microcosm of what's going on at large in the country today."

CJ at The Unmentionables doesn't appear very sympathetic with the post-9/11 righties, however.

"For many of those now complaining of how "personalized" the insults have become--those only-slightly-left-of-center people who made an abrupt right turn after 9/11--the invectives leveled against every Republican and/or conservative from Newt Gingrich on down were just fine--and probably justified.

"Today, with the popularity and influence of blogging, the insults are directed against them and they don't like it very much.

"Welcome to the trenches, people. Pardon me if I don't cry for you… [W]hile your sleep is troubled with nightmares of a return to the 60's, remember you were the enablers for all the ensuing years. Now you deal with it."


Jim at Smoke on the Water (who sounds like a great guy except for--once again {sigh}--the cat situation) recalls a time not quite so long ago.

"Our Hard Hats of today are beating the Left without having to resort to using pipes wrapped in flags, crowbars or the like. Instead, they're educated, informed, articulate and bold beyond words. And the Left fears them more than they ever feared taking a beating in '68.

"In 1968, the hippies loved having film-clips of their bloodied visages playing on the evening news. Such images turned sympathies to their cause, no matter how wrong they actually were.

"And we're not giving them those images to play with, this time. At least, not yet. And not unless it comes to us defending ourselves, our families and homes and our Nation.

"But if it comes to that, we're ready.

"My God, how we are ready."

The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady (who isn't grouchy at all but that wouldn't matter anyway 'cause she has DOGS) has it right.

"So while I agree with Michelle that we are standing at the edge of a significant social and political divide, I don't agree that the right is equally culpable in bringing us there, or that we are all "victims and losers" in the cultural war that is brewing.

It sure as hell wasn't right-wing conservatives at that Kerry/Edwards fundraiser conveying "…the heart and soul of our country."

Listen, I'll talk smack about a cat, tackle 'em, tree 'em, and generally harass 'em, but I really don't want them all dead unlike this guy in Washington State. (Citizen Smash warns to click at your own risk and he's right.) Cats have their place--killing the mice and shrews and voles and moles I don't have time to bother with. (What? You think I'm gettin' my paws dirty digging for vermin? That "terra" business is highly overrated.) I'm not too sure the Demo-cats feel the same way about me and mine.

Canines are very society-oriented. We understand that alpha males (and alpha females) are necessary for an orderly society. Of course we do tend to beat the shit out of the other guy to get the upper paw, but hey--we're dogs for cryin' out loud! Still, we have pack laws we follow and a pecking order. Generally we respect our alpha without a lot of major pissing contests. (At least none that he can see, anyway.)

When you're in show business you're up against a lot of alphas. You get twenty of us terriers in a Group ring and you've almost got enough accumulated egos to equal one Michael Moore. Yet somehow we don't end up in a huge snarling, ripping mass in the center of the arena. Oh yeah, we hated each other's guts (especially that snotty dude owned by Dr. William Cosby) but we managed to respect each other's status in caninedom.

And if you didn't? Well, there was one obnoxious Cairn who thought he'd push his luck a couple of times. At Pebble Beach (CA) one year he carried on growling and yapping "Kill the Scottie" and "The Lakeland Lied" and "Impeach the Airedale." His human alpha just laughed and thought it was a great campaign tactic. The sucker got thrown out of the competition on his fat butt.

Demo-cats (and their alpha handlers) should get the same treatment.

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