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Monday, July 26, 2004

PETA Pecker Picker-Upper

These humans need to find a life--somewhere other than on a sidewalk.

"Boise (AP) - A scantily clad couple is free to canoodle on a downtown sidewalk as long as they're making a political statement, a city spokesman said."

Canoodle? I've heard of a Schnoodle. I've heard of a Cock-a-Poo, which I always thought was some XXX-rated aid-for-fun until AHM set me straight. (Not that she knows about those kinda' things, of course, except intellectually.) But what's a Canoodle when it's at home? A mix of Cairn and Poodle? Come to think of it, that might just be the case. Those poodles bitches have absolutely no taste sometimes. 'Course, when you get a eyeful of those male poodles prancin' around, you can see why their women go for guys with some rough and ready looks. But fickle?… Geeze those poodle babes are fickle. They'll give you the eye and wave their pompoms under your nose, then just as they got ya' rarin' to go, they'll mince off to someone else.

"The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be in Boise on Friday staging a "Live Make-Out Tour" to promote vegetarian eating, PETA spokesman Ravi Chand said."

I'm willin' to bet vegetarian isn't the only thing they'll be eatin' on this tour.

"The event - in which a couple will make out in a bed set up on a city sidewalk - is meant to demonstrate PETA's claims that vegetarians are better lovers, Chand said."

Humph! I've kept a whole harem satisfied and had six litters of champions with nary a complaint. All while chowing down meat and gnawing on rib bones. (Okay, so AHM slipped in an asparagus or two and a few green beans. That doesn't make me a vegetarian.)

"Though both the city and the state have public indecency laws, Zuzel said, but he did not believe the demonstration would violate them. Besides, he said, political events are given more leeway in the rules."

"…leeway in the rules?" How come I never get any "leeway in the rules?" If I try that kind of stuff, I get hosed down! Those veggies should take this bit of advice I found over at The Bad Dog List

"I will not cause a traffic jam by having sex with a collie in the middle of the road."

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Blogger ereyck said...

Give the veggie folks a Peck of Pickled Peppers to Perk their .....

12:26 PM  
Blogger Harrison said...

Should we make them eat 'em or rub 'em on their--well, you know...?

12:48 PM  

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