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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kibbles 'n Bits®

Since we're close to the election that's got everyone howlin' and yowlin', I'll start off with some votin' monkeyshines.

"Critics of the Diebold touch-screen voting machines turned their attention Wednesday from the machines themselves to the computers that will tally the final vote, saying the outcome is so easy to manipulate that even a monkey could do it.

"And they showed video of a monkey hacking the system to prove it. In the minute-long video produced by Black Box Voting, Baxter the chimp is shown deleting the audit log that is supposed to keep track of changes in the Diebold central tabulator, the computer and program that keeps track of county vote totals."

Better get this straightened out, people. There are already enough humans messin' with that votin' business.

On the other paw--ya' gotta' keep your eye on those monkeys. Check Baxter's party registration…

Vols Just Wanna' Have Fun
I’m always pickin' on Tennessee ('cause they make it so easy) so I thought y'all would like knowin' they like a good time as much as the next guy--gal--brother, sister, uncle, first cousin...

"Risque bedroom products had organizers blushing at Saturday's Friends of Spring Hill Library flea market — which was held at a local church. Among the dozens of booths set up on the lawn of Spring Hill Presbyterian Church was one vendor promoting personal pleasure toys and intimate products for women and couples."

Never play with those kinds of toys--unless you count AHM's leg…

Think they come with a government warnin' like: "Should not be used with your immediate family?"

Days of Our Lives--in the Flesh
Now this is some lawn and garden advice I would never give.

"A vicar, a GP and a village policeman have stripped off to raise money for their church roof and organ. They are among 12 to strip for a charity calendar in aid of Holy Trinity Church in Barham, Suffolk.

"Churchgoer Stephanie Bubb, came up with the idea reports The Sun. Her husband, GP Dr. Anthony Bubb, plays the organ in the nude, while the Rev John Buchanan cuts the lawn naked in the calendar."

Wonder what the village cop did--and if his gun was loaded…

The Giant "Melvin"

"An Essex man believes he has the biggest cock in Britain - a 2ft monster which he calls Melvin. The giant cockerel weighs more than 15lbs and dwarfs other roosters, says The Sun."

What d'ya' think I was talkin' about? Still… D'ya' get the feelin' a lot of men are renamin' a certain appendage even as I type?

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