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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Intimidator

Yeah! That's me! I'm bad.

Twenty dangerous pounds of terrier intimidation.

Wouldn't let me near the polls. According the person AHM asked, dogs make "some people" (read Demo-cats) nervous.

Guess they're right, though. After she was at the polls, AHM and me got in the car to drive around checkin' other places. The Demo-cats in this part of VA have teens standin' on streetcorners with "Don't Forget to Vote Today" pasted to the top of "Kerry-Edwards" signs. We stopped at a light to ask one kid how much they're gettin' paid, and I leaned out the window. Kid damn near fell into the shrubbery. So we asked another at the next corner--on AHM's side of the car. They're gettin' $75 bucks each! Hrumph! I would have done it (without the K/E sign, 'natch) for $50.

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