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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Darwin, Fax Your Office

Long time ago I wrote about the Japanese rentin' dogs at $21 bucks an hour. Not fe-lyings, ya' notice--dogs.

"For Japanese with a fondness for animals but who are unable to raise pets because of their cramped homes or strict apartment rules, shops like these are a godsend."

Well, apparently there's a reeeeaaally good reason the smart ones were avoidin' cats.

"A house fire that occurred…in Nagata Ward, Kobe, was caused by cats urinating on a fax machine, the city's fire department said Thursday. According to the department, the thermal printer head of the machine was extensively burned, and members of the household told the department their nine cats often urinated on the machine."

First--Nine cats?!

Second, anybody wanna' explain why those sub-omega humans didn't stop the fe-lyings from lettin' fly on the fax? I'd suggest sendin' 'em a message about an invention called a litter box but…well…they obviously wouldn't get it.

"In an experiment using the same model machine, the department dripped a sample…of urine on the printer head's nine elements… The first droplet conducted the electrical current, and by the 15th, the machine produced a spark. An official of the National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster said, "Cat urine contains salt, and salt water conducts electricity well. This probably caused the fire."

No word on the condition of the fe-lyings, but…

Dug up at Dave Barry's Blog

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