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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lost Russian Nuts Alert

They've been located in NC. From the June 8, 2005 edition of the Asheville Citizen-Times Letters to the Editor.

Unnecessary squirrel death reminder of our responsibility

"I am an animal lover. I am shocked at the speed of automobiles on the Blue Ridge Parkway and have reported same to the rangers.

"On a recent Sunday I saw a little squirrel halfway across the road. A driver approached and could have more than given the squirrel time to get out of danger, but no. He hit the little squirrel. I jumped out hoping he was only dazed. I picked him up, trying to breathe air into his nostrils — his heart was still beating — yet he died in my arms before I got home.

"This indifference must end — they are God’s creations. We are responsible for their welfare.

"Faye Arrington, Asheville (NC)"

Sad thing is, that Kerry-litter fan probably thinks the squirrel would return the favor if the other driver had swerved, lost control of his car, and ran over her. Earth to Faye… Newsflash… Life is not always an Aesop fable.

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