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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Dog Could Do a Better Job

…writin' headlines. Even a fe-lyin'!

Usually I don't get into the headline stuff unless it's real big, like an election or somethin'. But this mornin', AHM fires up the ole' dinosaur computer, open her MY WAY page and yells "Oh @#&!"

Now in our house that generally means exactly what it says, but we all knew we'd done nothin'. So…why? 'Cause of this:

Cheney Visits Iraq; Attacks Kill 19

Cause and effect anyone?

Then it got worse. For a split second, when readin' the first sentence of the story, 'specially the way it was laid out on the page, it sounded like VP Cheney had been killed! Wishful thinkin' on the part of the MY WAY writers

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A string of

attacks killed 19 people, including two

relatives of a senior Kurdish official, and

Vice President Dick Cheney made a

surprise visit Sunday

Not nice to do to a bleary-eyed, brain-fogged person on a Sunday mornin'.

They eventually changed the lay-out, but when are news organizations gonna' require that their reporters have at least graduated from high school?

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