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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Flush the Johns

….if you can. There's gonna' be a whizzing mess in Boston during that Demo-cat convention.

"When you gotta go, you gotta go - unless you're in town for the Democratic National Convention.

"Party-hearty Democrats may have to hold it or commune with the great outdoors of downtown Boston, a fact that has city officials suddenly panicked. Pols are terrified over the 11th-hour realization that Boston's handful of public toilets shut down at 5 p.m. sharp - long before the 35,000 convention-goers stagger into the streets after last call in local bars.
"The people who live around here, they're going to have people urinating in their back yards or against their walls or behind their businesses,'' City Councilor Maura A. Hennigan said. "Very unpleasant.''

What is their problem? Everyone knows Demo-cats own Boston. They're just marking their territory. We do it all the time and no one raises a stink. Personally I find it more disgusting when they do their dirty business behind closed doors.

Back during the Dandylion days, Silly Human Female actually bought one of those thingys you put on a toilet seat so a fe-lying can use the john! Whoo boy--did AHM have a fit over that. Talk about dumb inventions. I mean, would you want to use the bathroom after the cat had been there?

"I think we can flush these fears away,'' [Boston Mayor Thomas M.] Menino spokesman Seth Gitell said. "We're confident that just like for a major sporting event, this city will be well-positioned in this area.''
"Convention officials wanted nothing to do with the dicey issue.

"We're not responsible for putting port-a-potties all throughout the city,'' said Karen Grant, spokeswoman for Boston 2004, the convention's host committee."

Port-a-potties? Nasty things. AHM used to get stuck using those at the shows and even I had to hold my breath sometimes. And AHM says there might be rogue packs of protesters roaming the streets. Give 'em more shit to spread around, why don't you.
Just another example of how dumb, dumb, dumb those Demo-cats are.

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