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Friday, July 16, 2004

Mystery Solved

Many thanks to The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady for posting the solution of the lawn ornament mystery. I missed that one m'self. Been entertaining company for a few days. (No--not that kind of entertaining. Not that I couldn't, mind you. She can't.)

Police Camera Solved Mystery of Missing McLean Lawn Ornaments

"The thief -- caught in the act on police video that was broadcast on national television -- didn't show even a hint of remorse when he showed up on Ruth Breiner's McLean doorstep Friday evening.

"The man with him began apologizing profusely, Breiner said, and handed over the ceramic fawns, chipmunk, squirrels and foxes that had decorated her front yard before they were stolen in the dead of night. Then a woman walked up, and she, too, said she was sorry.

"But Magnum, the bandit, who happens to be a 110-pound black Labrador retriever, just sat on Breiner's stoop while his victim patted his head.

"He was just sitting there, that silly dog," Breiner, 75, said. "I couldn't get mad at him. They are big, old, slobbering dogs that are friendly as all that."

No remorse. Not a shred. I don't know about you, but I think the cops should throw the book at him. He ccouldn't even be bother to say he was sorry! He should count himself lucky the old lady wasn't packing heat! Memo to future thieves. Slobber and be friendly and you'll get away with anything.

"Magnum had delivered two figurines to his owners in recent months, Grinnan said, but they didn't learn the scope of his thievery until the Fourth of July weekend, when they discovered a stash of the animal figurines in their back yard."

See--ole Magnum knew exactly what he was doing--even knew enough to hide his ill-gotten gains. Big mistake using his owners as his fences, though. Should have known they'd rat him out.

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