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Friday, November 05, 2004

Fe-lyings Are All Limosine Liberals

So typical.

"A missing cat turned up 30 miles away - after climbing in a limo.

"Spunki, two, jumped in the motor which had been hired out by neighbours for a hen night reports The Sun. Driver Paul Vaughn found the cat in the back at Lydney, Gloucester, and it took him a week to trace her owner in Bristol.

"Owner Lydia Crocker said: "She's never done any thing like this."

Excuses, excuses. Fe-lyings' human puppets are always offerin' excuses. Spunki is just another fe-lying pretendin' to be 'plain folk' while its flunky spouts the official talking points to the MSM!

In other news (a bit late), another Demo-cat fighter has been added to the White House staff:

"President Bush marked Laura Bush's birthday Thursday by announcing he would give her a Scottish terrier puppy that is a relative of the current first dog, Barney.
Miss Beazley, as the first lady and twins Barbara and Jenna have already named the pup, was born October 28. She is due to arrive just before Christmas."

Barney and Miss Beazley. There's a book in there somewhere.

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