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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lock Down that StargateTM Already!

A few days ago Meryl Yourish asked if I had gotten over the Dandylion flashbacks I was getting' every time I saw a picture of Tig.

I'm here to say unequivocally yes and no. No more serious flashbacks, but lots of nightmares about this. Just take a gander at those glowin' eyes. Think possessed. Think alien invasion. Think Goa'uld symboite from some outer space pyramid.

Don't believe me? Here's evidence they're tryin' to take over NASA! (Gotta' admit, though, these fe-lyings look better than John Kerry ever did in that outfit.)

Label 'em, Ferdy. Slap a barkin' huge mailin' label on that cat butt and ship 'em back to whatever planet he came from. Your life may depend upon it.

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