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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Diseased Literature

Not sure why everyone's yappin' 'bout that special book the Muslims seem to like so much. AHM has lots of books around here--a whole room full of 'em in fact--and she usually leaves 'em all over the place. Well, not on the floor for obvious reasons, but if ya' try jumpin' up onto one of the chairs in that room ya' got about a 50-50 chance of landed on somethin' big, rectangular, and hard.

We're always taught to treat other people's stuff nice--'specially chair and sofa legs--which is why we get invited so many places. But if an accident happens, no one has a total hissy fit, as in killin' people--or canines.

Anyway, after everyone else crashed from partyin', AHM and me went surfin' and dug up this tidbit over at Fark.

"The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, which runs the three main hospitals in the ethnically diverse city, said it is considering removing [Christian] Bibles from bedside lockers because they might offend patients of other religions.

"Additionally, it said, it is concerned the books could increase the risk of spreading the highly antibiotic-resistant infection MRSA in wards if they become contaminated with body fluids."

Uh huh. A religious book that can spread infectious diseases… You make the connection.

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