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Saturday, June 04, 2005


Waaaayyy back in my first month of bloggin', I linked to a story about a guy in Canada whose plan for a shooting spree was thwarted by a friendly canine.

"A bloody shooting spree in Toronto by a mentally ill and heavily armed man was averted by a stray dog the man took to, the Toronto Star reported Thursday."

I got suckered. 'Course so did the entire province of New Brunswick. And the whole pile of kitty litter is a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Canadian health care system.

"Toronto -- A New Brunswick man who told police that a friendly dog scuttled his plan for a bloody shooting rampage was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison after admitting it was all a ploy to get surgery in jail… Stanson, 44, who was found with firearms and ammunition in his car, told police he'd been planning a mass murder but changed his mind after meeting a friendly dog.

"He has since told court he invented the story because he wanted to be detained so he could receive heart surgery - surgery he got last November, while in custody."

Hmmmm. The criminal gets special treatment while hundreds of honest Canadians are still waitin' for their surgery. And this kinda' junk is what Hillary wants to give to us?

No wonder she wants felons allowed to vote.

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