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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cosmo Gets it Right

Oh yeah, so does Jonah, I suppose.

DOGS OF WAR Vs. CATS OF WAR [Jonah Goldberg & Cosmo]

"If you search for Dogs of War on the web you get all sorts of sites like this, about dogs of war. If you search for cats of war the internet laughs at you."

Nah, I never would have been accepted as a war dog. Couldn't meet the height requirement. But follow the link and scroll down to find the story of Chips.

"Shortly after Chips and the men had made their way ashore and established a beachhead on Sicily, the soldiers, thinking they were momentarily out of danger, slowly inched their way to an abandoned pillbox where they decided to take a short rest. Tired and weary, Chips, however, could not relax. His senses told him there was danger nearby and suddenly he broke away from his handler - violating a sacred rule - dashed across a stretch of No Man's Land. A bullet pierced his body, but he ignored the pain and threw himself into an enemy machine gun nest. The firing stopped. There was deadly silence, and for a moment Chips was not seen or heard. When his comrades got to the scene, they saw Chips holding onto the throat of the enemy gunner, and five other terrified men with their arms raised in surrender

"In tribute to Chips, the men he had saved were determined to honor him. Lieutenant Lucian Truscott, who later became a general, recommended Chips for the Silver Star and Purple Heart, citing how "his courageous action in single-handedly eliminating a dangerous machine-gun nest and causing the surrender of its crew had prevented injury and death to his men."

"Chips would have been the most highly decorated dog in history, but he was denied medals because he had broken away from his handler, and because the Army's top brass stated that the Silver Star and Purple Heart were for men, not dogs."

So, how did John Kerry qualify?

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