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Monday, June 06, 2005

Okay, This is Just Wrong…

…in so many ways. I'm all for savin' canine lives, but--a transsexual dog?

"Russian vet surgeons performed a unique operation on a male dog, augmenting the animal's nipples with silicon. The operation took place in one of Moscow's vet hospitals yesterday. The animal was severely injured in a fight, when one of the infuriated dogs bit its genitals through.

"Doctors said that they usually put such dogs down. "We will have to castrate the dog to save it from death," a surgeon said. The surgeons decided to make the unlucky dog their first extraordinary patient: "In addition to urethrostomy, we decided to make a vagina for the dog and use a little silicon for its nipples," the specialist added.

"The dog is currently resting after the operation. However, the animal will still have the behavior of a male dog afterwards. However, reduced male hormones will make the dog show a lot less interest in a female."

And in the "why don't you humans just play with each other and leave us alone," category:

"Altering a single gene in a fruit fly can turn its sexual orientation around, causing male flies to lose interest in females, and females to display male mating rituals to other females, according to a study [done by two researchers of the Austrian Academy of Sciences] published in the journal Cell on Friday."

Austria and Russia. Two formerly powerful world empires reduced to muckin' about with dog balls and fruit flies.

Then again… We're stuck with Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy.

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